Pastor Tim Asabor

Senior / Founding Pastor

Pastor Tim Asabor is the Founding / Senior Pastor at I AM Ministries aka Glory Int’l Christian Center.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. Despite a 4.0 GPA as a Post Baccalaureate Premedical student, he abandoned the dream of pursuing medical school to fulfill the call of God upon his life (because of his passion for God and compassion for people).

Rev. Dr. Mrs. Joyce Asabor

Co-Founding Pastor

 Rev. Dr. Mrs. Joyce Asabor is a Nurse executive with a doctoral degree in Nursing practice. She is a Nurse Administrator and  an Assistant Director of Nursing in NYC and also an Adjunct Professor of Nursing at a University in NJ.

She also holds a Master of Science in Health Services Administration, a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and a degree in Journalism. Pastor Joyce is a minister of songs and the Director of Music for the Glory Int’l Christian Center and has a passion for God. She’s an advocate for people and Director of the Ministry Outreach in community health where she recently implemented a breastfeeding toolkit for breastfeeding mothers. She enjoys music, loves and lives her life with absolute faith in Jesus Christ. Above all Pastor Joyce is a mother of two beautiful children.
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Pastor Simeon Ataga

Associate Pastor

Pastor Simeon Ataga is an Associate Pastor at I AM Ministries and has been serving the ministry faithfully. He is married and blessed with three children.

Ministry of Helps

Being a part of the Ministry of Helps is a great way to make deeper connections with other people and grow in your faith.   There are various groups within the ministry of Helps.  They include – Music Ministry, Ushering (Greeters & Standing Ushers), Technical, Children’s Ministry, Intercessory, Evangelism, Maintenance, Hospitality/ Pastoral Care, Visitation.


Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry under the leadership of the Music Director and the leading of the Holy Spirit, lead the congregation into the presence of God in worship. The goal is to help the congregation encounter God in praise and worship. This fosters an atmosphere where the presence of God will bring deliverance, healing and the manifestations of the supernatural in every service.  We encourage everyone to worship on their own daily and participate in the collective worship during the service.

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Greeters & Standing Ushers

Our Ushers are an integral part of the church.  We have Greeters and Standing Ushers.  The Greeters greet and welcome people upon arrival.  They maintain order during the services by directing where people sit and assist in obtaining information about the services and the church.  They are available during the services to serve and make attendees comfortable.



Our Technical team is committed to serving Christ, the Church, the community and beyond. The team comprises:

Multimedia/ Social Media: This team handles all aspects of hardware, software, ministry app, website and social media platforms.

Audio/ Video Technical: They are responsible for all audio/ video operations and live streaming during worship services and special events. 

These teams coordinate all efforts to ensure that the services and outreaches (local and international) run smoothly.



The Evangelism Team participates in sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and actively engages in witnessing to people.  The team engages in weekly and monthly evangelism outreach events to invite people to Church and win lost souls into the Kingdom of God. Team members also evangelize individually as the opportunity arises.



The Intercessory Team prays for the Pastors and their family, the church, members, the vision of the ministry, the nation and for all services and outreaches.  Also, the team prays in their seated locations during services and times of ministration to facilitate what God is doing.


Hospitality & Pastoral Care

The Hospitality Team is involved in ministering to the elderly, needy in the Church and   in the Community.



This Group visits the Newcomers to the Church, the elderly and members as the need arises.


Children’s Ministry

The Children’s Ministry is a team of dedicated people who provide a fun and nurturing environment for children through ages 1-12, so that they can begin to develop a relationship with God. Our children participate in praise & worship, prayer, story-time, movie time, bible trivia, plays, creative arts and many other fun-filled bible-inspired activities.